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  • Trezor Wallets Hacked in 15 Minutes

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    31 January 2020

    By using the right equipment you can extract vital information from a Trezor wallet making it much less secure than you would expect. You still need to have physical access to the device, but a clever manipulation of voltages allows and attacker to open the door.

  • Bitcoin Remaining Above $9k. Libra Practically Dead.

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    29 January 2020

    Bitcoin has gone past the $9K mark and stays there. British telecom company Vodaphone is the last big name to drop out of Libra.

  • Jack Dorsey: Bitcoin To Compete With Fiat Money Soon

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    28 January 2020

    Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey is convinced BTC will soon become as widely used as the dollar or the euro. It needs some improvements, and he has chosen the Lightning Network as the way to go. Almost 100 years ago, Henry Ford proposed an “energy currency” to replace gold. Bitcoin is fulfilling that prediction.

  • To Take Off, Bitcoin Needs to Fix Usability And End-User Security Issues

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    27 January 2020

    The complex addressing system and security concerns are what is holding the general public back.

  • Free Courses On Bitcoin And Blockchain On Coursera

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    25 January 2020

    The US-based online learning platform Coursera is offering 21 different courses covering Bitcoin. It has more than 47 million users enrolled.

  • Major Upgrade For Bitcoin's Privacy. Taproot Technology Ready For Review.

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    24 January 2020

    Pieter Wuille, one of the major BTC developers, just published the specifications of some upgrades to be reviewed by the Bitcoin community. One of them, Taproot, targets the problem of privacy in a transaction.

  • 784K Bitcoin Addresses Now Hold At Least 1 BTC

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    23 January 2020

    More people believe in Bitcoin and accumulate for the long term. The number of individual nodes holding at least one BTC has grown steadily over the last decade.

  • Analysts Believes Bitcoin To Never Drop Below $7K. Square Crypto To Boost BTC.

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    22 January 2020

    Analysis indicates Bitcoin will never go below the $ 7,000 value in our lifetime. We can only look forward. Square Crypto has a plan to boost the adoption of Bitcoin. It will release a Lightning Development Kit to make it easy to integrate the Lightning Network with new and existing wallets.

  • The One Million Ethereum Developer Challenge Is On. Bitcoin Predicted At $12.5K.

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    21 January 2020

    Joseph Lubin, a co-founder of Ethereum, has formally launched the challenge to gather 1 million developers working on Ethereum by Devcon 6 toward the end of 2020. The website describing the activities for this project is It provides a guide to Meetups on the subject, a developer job kit that teaches where to find blockchain jobs, and the skills required, plus much more. Veteran crypto trader @filbfilb predicts Bitcoin will reach $ 12,500 by the latest May of 2020.

  • Bitcoin Denier Peter Schiff Loses His Bitcoin And The Joke Is On Him.

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    19 January 2020

    Peter Schiff, a gold bug that has always been critical of Bitcoin, lost access to his crypto wallet. He had bought apparently one BTC, but now he claims he cannot access and sell it anymore. He blames Bitcoin, but the crypto community fights back, accusing him of staging an accident to influence the market negatively.

  • BTC Now Stable Above $9K. Hash Rate Hits New Highest.

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    18 January 2020

    The BTC hash rate, the amount of power required to mine a Bitcoin, has reached 119 quintillion hashes per second. It means 199 billions of billions of special math operations per second. The network has never been so secure, and it translates to higher values. Now market analysis suggests that BTC is aiming toward $10K of value.

  • $ 18.9 K In Bitcoin Hidden In Puzzle. Can You Solve It? 

    CryptoEnsemble   Crypto Reports 
    17 January 2020

    A new crypto derivatives trading exchange, Phemex, has published on Twitter a picture puzzle that contains information to recover the value corresponding to 2.1 Bitcoin. People are still trying to solve it; therefore, you might take a chance here.