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  • Bitfinex to Launch Tether on Lightning Network & More

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    03 June 2019

    Wild variations continue for Bitcoin Core (BTC) and Alt Coins get more attention. Bitcoin Future has become the second most traded asset at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. More stable coins coming while BSV (Bitcoin Satoshi Vision) has been the biggest mover in May, also thanks to the copyright filing related to the original Bitcoin white paper. Litecoin joins Bitcoin in the “positive zone”

  • Overnight Bitcoin Crash Impacts Alt Coins – EOS Drops With Social Media Project & More

    CryptoEnsemble   Crypto Reports 
    02 June 2019

    The difficulty of mining Bitcoin (BCT) has increased to a new level and the processing of one block requires now 10 minutes. The difficulty had dropped to about one half last November and December. The increase shows a renovated interested in mining Bitcoin. On the other hand, Ethereum difficulty is still down despite the increase in the value of the corresponding cryptocurrency. Given this climate of general interest toward Bitcoin, technical analysts remain bullish despite the sudden crash of $ 1,000 in value registered on May 30 overnight. In a few hours, BTC dropped from approx $ 9,000 to approx $ 8,000, then regaining immediately $300 and positioning at $ 8,450 as we speak. Experts have not yet come up with an explanation of the crash.

  • Alt Coins On The Rise. Tether On EOS Blockchain. Privacy Coins Banned & More

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    01 June 2019

    Alt coins are on the rise. Bitcoin approaches $ 8,600 while Tron soars 20% and Binance’s latest Initial Exchange Offering see over $600 million in volume in 24 hours. Now Tether is available on EOS blockchain as well. India and Netherlands are considering the ban of privacy coins juts as Taiwan has already done. 64% of ransomware money goes through crypto exchanges.

  • Bitcoin Never So Difficult To Mine – Crypto Market Dumps $25M – Chinese Exodus & More

    CryptoEnsemble   Crypto Reports 
    31 May 2019

    Bitcoin surpasses $ 9,000 and drops to $ 8,200 in five hours. Mining becoming very difficult and expensive. Downward correction for most coins. Coinbase retail now offering EOS. Money exodus from China could fuel crypto markets. Japan OK’s crypto law.

  • Bitcoin breaks $9,000 – New Bull Run Expected – Ethereum & Litecoin Hot

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    30 May 2019

    Bitcoin bull market is back. Bitcoin breaks $9,000 and hash rate reaches all-time high and could drive price even higher. New rally preparing for Ethereum and Litecoin. Coinstar expands to 2,200 kiosks where you can buy Bitcoin (BTC). New copyright filed in China on Bitcoin whitepaper. Billionaire wants to buy 25% of all Bitcoin (BTC) in existence.

  • Ethereum, Ripple & Cardano Bullish – Professional Trading Made Easy & More

    CryptoEnsemble   Crypto Reports 
    29 May 2019

    Shocking rallies predicted for Ethereum, Ripple, and Cardano. Ethereum nears 1 million transactions. Bitcoin price correction hypothesis, along with $ 10K & $ 20K value prediction. Facebook GlobalCoin could be a dud. Binance Moves $1.26 Billion in Bitcoin (BTC).

  • Opposite Predictions on Bitcoin – Ethereum Very Strong – NSA & More

    CryptoEnsemble   Crypto Reports 
    28 May 2019

    Bitcoin keeps rising and mixed predictions place it at $10K or $4K. EOS likely to double value. NSA’s ransomware brings Baltimore to its knees. Fake crypto wallets emerging. Many governments jumping on the blockchain/crypto train.

  • Bitcoin Over $8,900 – Alt Coin Rally – NFL Players Want Crypto

    CryptoEnsemble   Crypto Reports 
    27 May 2019

    Extremely busy day in Crypto-world. Bitcoin goes over $8,900 and shows further signs of growth. Whales move 27,019 BTC in a concerted rally. Altcoins follow suit. But crypto-researcher predicts nosedive to $,4200. Argentina one of the biggest action areas. Bitcoin SV gains $1 Billion from recent copyright application. New bank-backed crypto exchange coming to Japan, with big plans. Korea’s oldest bank launches national blockchain-based loan platform. A growing number of NFL players want to be paid in cryptocurrencies.

  • Bitcoin Stable – Robinhood App Explodes – Facebook Globalcoin & More

    CryptoEnsemble   Crypto Reports 
    25 May 2019

    Bitcoin now stable at $8 K and possibly aiming at $10 K. What is its main flaw and how much adoption can it handle? Robinhood app attracts $200 M. Facebook’s crypto confirmed.

  • Bitcoin Tops Active Addresses Alt Coins Grow Faster. Facebook’s Globalcoin & More

    CryptoEnsemble   Crypto Reports 
    24 May 2019

    Bitcoin could bleed market share while Alt coins are going strong. Bitcoin active addresses at highest in one year. AT&T accepts also Bitcoin Cash. Facebook working on launching its own crypto, named Globalcoin. Many governments active on crypto while more and more traditional investors bet on crypto instead of the stock market.

  • AT&T Accepts Bitcoin – Market Slumps – Now Good Time to Buy & More

    CryptoEnsemble   Crypto Reports 
    23 May 2019

    Bitcoin settles to lower values bringing Alt coins along with it. AT&T sets milestone by accepting Bitcoin for phone bills. Bitcoin Purchases Roll Out to 2,200 US Coinstar Kiosks as Partnership Expands. Millenias clearly prefer Bitcoin to gold. Grayscale Ethereum approved by FINRA. Google Play app could allegedly steal crypto.

  • Bitcoin Fairly Stable – Ethereum on the Rise – Scams Galore & More

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    22 May 2019

    Generally positive predictions for main Bitcoin (BTC) with some dark note. May to be the strongest month for Bitcoin Futures. Also, Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (SV) grows temporarily but might soon retreat. Ethereum keeps growing while the Ethereum Foundation announces $30 Milion investment to refine focus. Crypto scams multiply all over the world. Blockchain adoption skyrocketing. Block.one blockbuster.

  • Bitcoin Accounts Increased Remarkably, Most Searched Word – Crypto Frauds Multiply & More

    CryptoEnsemble   Crypto Reports 
    21 May 2019

    New Bitcoin accounts opening has markedly increased, while Bitcoin becomes one of the most widely searched words in the West. Bitcoin approaches $ 8K in value while Bitcoin SV doubles in value. World crypto trading volumes soared 75% in April. MATIC explodes 1,200%.

  • Fiat to Crypto Exchanges Go Strong – WhatsApp Sends Crypto

    CryptoEnsemble   Crypto Reports 
    20 May 2019

    Bitcoin at $ 7,900 but 2nd best quarterly gain in 5 years. Bitcoin derivatives skyrocketed in April. WhatsApp users can now send Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin directly. Fiat-to-crypto exchanges outperform crypto-to-crypto.

  • Bitcoin Rebounds – Crypto Markets at $ 18B & More

    CryptoEnsemble   Crypto Reports 
    19 May 2019

    Bitcoin bounces back at almost pre-crash levels. $ 8.5K target price now in sight. Whole Foods accepts BTC and general crypto markets surge at $ 18 billion. Top 5 crypto performers: XEM, XLM, XTZ, BNB, IOTA. Problems for Facebook’s secret crypto project.