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  • Ethereum Developer Virgil Griffith Released On Bail Pending Trial & More

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    03 December 2019

    Virgil Griffith is an Ethereum Foundation researchers recently arrested in the US for delivering a presentation in North Korea. It is going to be one of the most political cases after the birth of Bitcoin. The accusation is to help the North Korean government to avoid US sanctions by making a symbolic transfer of one ETH from North Korea to South Korea.

  • Ethereum Will Increase Inflation On January 6th. It Is A Developer's Decision Only.

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    02 December 2019

    Ethereum’s developers have decided to implement a hard for on January 6th that will increase Ethereum’s inflation at the rate of 2,000 eth a day. The decision was not shared with the Ethereum community, and it will undo the September difficulty bomb, which reduced miners’ reward increasing difficulties. The bomb was intended to gradually push miners away from the Ethereum blockchain facilitating the future transition to a Proof of Stake validation system, which would not use mining. The strategy reversal, controlled uniquely by developers, poses questions on the future evolution of Ethereum.

  • The Best Ways To Stack Satoshis And Build A Bitcoin Portfolio. Bakkt Ceo To Run For Us Senate.

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    01 December 2019

    There are five different ways to steadily build a Bitcoin portfolio without breaking the bank and worrying about price fluctuations. The two most promising ones are automated Bitcoin investing and Bitcoin cash reward apps. Kelly Loeffler, a Bitcoin influencer and CEO of Bakkt, is planning to become a US senator for the state of Georgia. It would give more credibility to Bitcoin as a whole but also emphasize the role of the futures exchange in the evolution of the cryptocurrency.

  • The Lightning Network Plunges. Bad News For Bitcoin Payments & More

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    29 November 2019

    The Lightning Network has loft half of its usage since summer. It is the proposed method for scaling Bitcoin transaction volumes. In July, it had only $12 million worth of assets, and now they are half of it. Investors who pledged their Bitcoins to finance the network had very disappointing returns and are leaving.

  • Controversy In EOS Network Highlights Dangers Of Delegated Proof Of Stake Approach & More

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    28 November 2019

    The EOS network uses a delegated proof of stake approach. The validation of a transaction block is entrusted to special entities named Block Producers. There are 50 of them, and it can lead to obvious centralization issues. Now one of them, named “EOS New York”, claims that a single entity owns six of the other 49 BP’s. It means that the EOS network could become monopolized by a cartel of few.

  • Bitcoin Carbon Footprint Lower Than Expected. BTC Value Soars Again Despite Plus Token Scam & More

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    27 November 2019

    The New Scientist, a major London based science magazine, just published a new report of carbon emissions produced by Bitcoin mining. They are lower than previously estimated due to the massive use of hydroelectric power in some areas of China. A previous study found that renewable sources actually power 74.1% of Bitcoin mining. BTC value is soaring again despite the negative effect produce on its price by the dumping on the market of Bitcoins gathered by the crew, which enacted the PlusToken scam.

  • Four Possible Reasons Bitcoin's Price Dropped And Is Not Recovering & More

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    26 November 2019

    China, the IRS, Bakkt, and Wall Street, lack of liquidity. These are four possible causes of the recent dump in BTC’s value. Indeed there is a lot of confusion at the end of the year and no forecast of recovery until next year. But this is Bitcoin, and it could surprise us again.

  • Is Bitcoin Slumping Because Of The IRS?

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    25 November 2019

    The recent deep slump of Bitcoin’s value may have multiple causes: China, Wall Street (via Bakkt BTC futures), or even the IRS. Adamant Capital founder Tuur Demeester stated that U.S. investors could be forcing the market lower so to record losses for their end-of-year tax obligations.

  • Bitcoin Miners Barrel Ahead Unfazed By Value Drop. Russian Oligarch Opens New Major Mining Facility.

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    24 November 2019

    Bitcoin miners continue to work at full speed despite the considerable price drop in BTC during the last week. The anticipated “capitulation” of some miners didn’t occur. Actually, one more major miner is joining the fray in Russia.

  • Is Wall Street Manipulating Bitcoin? Values Dump While BTC Futures Soar & More

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    23 November 2019

    Bitcoin’s value is hovering at around $ 7,100. Massive movements of funds by some whales. Bitcoin Futures hit a new record high on Bakkt, the trading platform controlled by Wall Street. Is Wall Street manipulating Bitcoin? President Trump’s Alma Mater offering courses on Bitcoin.

  • 39 Local Bitcoin Exchanges Taken Down In China. BTC Value Plummets & More  

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    22 November 2019

    BTC value goes down to $7.2K after a major crackdown by Chinese authorities on 39 local Bitcoin exchanges that were defying the ban. Altcoins go down with it.

  • Bitcoin's Trading Volumes Surpass Ethereum's Market Capitalization & More News

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    21 November 2019

    Bitcoin’s trading volume reached $20 billion, while Ethereum’s market capitalization is stuck at $ 18 billion. This is happening despite Bitcoin’s loss of value. Experts cannot account for it. Maybe it is a sign of the market reconsidering the role of Ethereum and other alt-coins.

  • What You Need To Know About Coming Ethereum Hard Fork & More News

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    20 November 2019

    Approximately on December 7, the Ethereum network will implement a major hard fork named Istanbul. Nodes need to upgrade so that they won’t be left behind. In this report, you will find all you need to know about the changes. Bitcoin is still declining in value. Some analysts believe the decline might continue until the next halving.

  • Texas One Gigawatt For Bitcoin Mining Company Joins German Miner & More News

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    19 November 2019

    BTC mining keeps raising its stakes. Two firms merge to build the world’s largest mining farm in 2020. It will be the largest data center in North America and will be completed at the end of 2020. China remains the main competitor due to lower costs and access to cheap hardware. In the meantime, analysts predict difficulties with BTC’s values even after the halving of the mining reward expected for May 2020.

  • Grin Privacy Protocol Broken. Most Blockchain Chinese Company Are All Hype & More News

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    18 November 2019

    The privacy protocol Mimblewimble, associated with the privacy coin Grin, can be violated. A researcher claims he is able to locate all addresses involved in transactions by just spending $ 60 a week. The problem is intrinsic to the protocol and cannot be fixed. Chinese state media claims that only 10% of the 32,000 Chinese companies claiming blockchain involvement are actually working on it.