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  • Facebook Releases Whitepaper for Its Libra Cryptocurrency Aimed at Remittances & More

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    18 June 2019

    Facebook unveils the characteristics of its future cryptocurrency Libra. It will be regulated and backed up by the assets of several major companies. People will be able to use it to buy items online or send money with nearly no fees. It will service the 1.7 billion people in the world that don’t have access to bank services, plus anybody else. The anticipated launch will likely spur more interest in cryptocurrencies in general and might contribute to a further rise of Bitcoin and Altcoins.

  • Bitcoin Cash Could Be on the Brink of Collapse – Bitcoin Core Breaks $ 9,300 & More

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    17 June 2019

    Internal infighting occurring within the Bitcoin Cash (BCH-ABC) development community indicates that BCH-ABC could be on the brink of collapse if the current fund raising project for Bitcoin.con doesn’t pull through. In the meantime, Bitcoin Core breaks the $ 9,300 level again. Tether just printed another $ 100 million of USDT. South Korean exchanges will pay for users losses. 

  • Bitcoin Past $ 9K with also a $ 10 M bet

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    16 June 2019

    Bitcoin blasts through the $ 9,000 value hitting 11 months high. Soaring interest in Crypto on Google. Other top performers are NEO, LTC, BTC, ETH, and XMR. A 10 million bet on Bitcoin sets a new milestone. Ethereum nodes fall by one third. Crypto trading getting more difficult in the US.

  • Bitcoin Nears $ 9K – Altcoin Potential Extinction & More

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    15 June 2019

    Bitcoin’s value keeps increasing while the hash rate reaches an all-time high. Great vitality and activity on the network which is accompanied by an increased level of security. Predictions are for a further increase in price. De-listing of several Altcoins from US exchanges will possibly cause their oblivion, analyst says.

  • Bitcoin Might Hit 400K on Fundamentals – Binance US Launching & More

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    14 June 2019

    Bitcoin surges while Altoins might face a new winter. Bitcoin is improving its fundamentals, and institutional investors are coming. Aaron Brown, the author of a op-ed in Bloomberg, believes that Bitcoin could rise to $60,000 to $400,000 before declining sharply. Binance aiming to become second crypto exchange in the US after Coinbase.

  • Crypocurrencies Rise Again – Wyoming New Crypto Haven & More

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    13 June 2019

    Cryptocurrencies values are increasing. Institutional investors are entering the crypto space. Grayscale, the world’s largest cryptocurrency asset manager, gained substantially in the first quarter. Ethereum continues its upward momentum that might continue in the near term so outperforming Bitcoin. Fundstrat Global Advisors advises cryptocurrency investors to purchase more coins now. Wyoming has adopted 13 blockchain laws that make it a safe harbor for distributed ledger and digital asset project in the U.S.

  • Litecoin Outperforms All Other Cryptocurrencies – Coinbase Rival Launched & More

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    12 June 2019

    Litecoin outperforms all other cryptocurrencies over one year term. More recent gains ahead of the halving of block rewards expected in August. Zcoin growing over push toward privacy. CoinBits launched a direct competitor to Coinbase.

  • Tether Creates $ 150 in Tokens on Ethereum – Liquid Presale of Telegram's Crypto – Fraud Concerns on IPOs

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    11 June 2019

    Bitfinex CTO, Paolo Ardoino, explains that of the $150 million USDT just mined by Tether on Ethereum’s blockchain is actually held in a treasury wallet. They have not yet issued them. These tokens follow the protocol ERC20 USDT and can be exchanged for any cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin. Japanese exchange Liquid will hold a public sale of the new Telegram’s crypto called Gram. The New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq will avoid listing IPOs that use the lower accounting and disclosures requirements allowed in Reg A+.

  • Bitcoin Loses Ground. Bittrex to Cut off Us Traders Facebook Libra Coin Will Pay Interest. 

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    10 June 2019

    Bitcoin and Alt coins are slowing down and maybe a downturn could be on the horizon. Bittrex exchange plans tu cut off US users from 32 cryptocurrencies after denied license to operate in New York State. Facebook’s new stable coin Libra could pay interests. India planning to criminalize the use of cryptocurrencies. G20 ministers push to have tighter supervision of cryptocurrencies.

  • Bitcoin Stays Bullish. Binance & Coinbase Traffic Soars. G20 Crypto Alarm

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    09 June 2019

    The decline in the production rate of BTC makes it more scarce and raises its value. Bullish crypto-analyst estimates Bitcoin could reach $ 25,000 before 2020. Binance and Coinbase traffic reach a 14-month high. Weiss Crypto Ratings downgrades EOS. The G20 finance ministers and central bank governors have asked the Financial Stability Board (FSB) and global standard-setting organizations to monitor risks around crypto assets. 

  • Litecoin, LEO and Binance Coin Shine. Ethereum Slowed by Airdrop.

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    08 June 2019

    Litecoin, LEO and Binance Coin have obscured Bitcoin. The rise of Initial Exchange Offering brings new vitality for crypto funding and to Altcoins. Exchange scam in Poland. Airdrop consumes 60% of the Ethereum network.

  • Litecoin Soars. Bitcoin Pierces $8,000. Facebook to Become a Bank.

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    07 June 2019

    Bitcoin could reach $ 25,000 by the end of the year. Litecoin going strong also after its founder Charlee Lee meets with presidential candidate Andrew Yang. Four new Bitcoin features will boost fungibility and privacy. Facebook’s new cryptocurrency will evolve the social media platform into a bank. Major exchanges busily adding new features. Poloniex scam exposed. India to completely outlaw cryptocurrencies.

  • Fake Bitcoin Makes a Splash – China Dominates Stablecoins – Green Bitcoin Mining & More

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    06 June 2019

    Fake Bitcoin 2 makes a splash on the market as many investors fall for it. China dominates trading of stablecoins and accounts for over half of the transactions in this space. Detailed report shows that the vast majority of Bitcoin mining is fueled by green energy.

  • Monero’s New Signature – Marshal Islands Will Have Its Own Currency & More

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    05 June 2019

    Monero new technology (CLSAG) will offers smaller transaction sizes and reduced network transaction fees. The Marshall Islands will create their cryptocurrency despite warnings by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The country currently uses the U.S. dollar as its currency and depends on financial aids from the USA. 

  • Litecoin Hashrate Skyrockets – Bitcoin SV Holding in General Downturn & More

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    04 June 2019

    Bitcoin (BTC) value decreases below $8K, while Bitcoin SV is only one immune from current market corrections. Activity on Litecoin skyrockets following rumors of availability of next-generation miner.