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  • Bitcoin Rebounds Ready for New Jump – TeleGram Exploding – First Crypto Hedge Fund in UK & More

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    03 July 2019

    Bitcoin quickly rebounds to $11,000 and seems to be shooting for $ 20,000. Most investors are holding. Telegram is getting ready for a new public offering of its Gram which has already more than doubled in value compared to its initial offering value in March 2018. The first Asia-Europe blockchain-powered shipment has been completed by an international consortium comprising the IT services arm of the Samsung Group, the Dutch bank ABN AMRO and the Port of Rotterdam. UK authorities have approved the first crypto hedge fund: Prime Factor Capital. The House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services wants Facebook to “immediately” cease development on Libra. They consider the new Facebook’s cryptocurrency a “rival” to US monetary policy and to the dollar itself.

  • Bitcoin Lands at $ 9,700 but Expert Predicts $100k – Mining Profits +24% in June & More

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    02 July 2019

    Bitcoin lost value as a result of a major sale by a big investor. Yet massive growth in Bitcoin futures is predicted with new exchanges providing this type of investment instrument. Binance’s Chief Strategy Officer predicts Bitcoin will reach $ 100,000. In the meantime, it trades at huge premiums in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

  • Bitcoin Plunges as Predicted but Hits $75k in Zimbabwe – BAT & BTT Stand out & More

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    01 July 2019

    Bitcoin just crashed below $ 11,000 while it is preparing for a -40% correction. Analysts still optimistic in future trends and Zimbabwe users are already willing to pay up to $ 75,000 in order to go around a full government ban on foreign currencies. Litecoin is shining in investment returns and adoption. Considered a fair risk for investors. Goldman Sachs predicts global payments will be tokenized.

  • Bitcoin Hovers Around $11k but Analysts Warn of Imminent Drop – Emerging Small Coins & More

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    30 June 2019

    Bitcoin is maintaining a level above $ 11,000 but analysts warn it could go down to $ 9,000 or as low as $ 4,000 soon. The biggest gains since the beginning of the year belong to small coins. Egretia, Clipper Coin, EDUCare, Quibitica, ChainLink.

  • Gamers to Pave the Way to Bitcoin Adoption – Ethereum Transactions Above 1 Million & More

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    29 June 2019

    The online and computer gaming community is approaching the blockchain as a tool for the stability of assets inside the game environment. No more sudden changes and losses due to the action of some game developer. The consensus and rigidity built into the crypto environment, allows gamers to maintain total control over the assets they conquest and pay for. Ethereum seems to be the platform of choice.

  • Bitcoin Soon Backed by Gold and Silver – 58% Americans Know About Cryptocurrencies

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    28 June 2019

    British company launched a program intended to back Bitcoin with silver and gold assets. Bitcoin hash rate reaches 65 quintillions. Other cryptocurrencies will also be added to the pool. American major Exchange Coinbase completes major survey showing that 58% of Americans now know about crypto. Most stablecoins are dead according to research.

  • Bitcoin to Dominate Crypto Market by 2020 – $ 16,000 Milestone Soon & More

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    27 June 2019

    Binance runs a survey on its top traders, showing a consensus on Bitcoin holding over 60% of the market also in 2020. Most investors have long term hold strategies. Mixed predictions for Bitcoin short term values. Consensus on the fact that it is here to stay.

  • Binance Transfers 1.2 Billion for Under 2 Cents – Bitcoin Approaches $ 13K & More

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    26 June 2019

    Crypto exchange Binance moved 1.2 billions dollars of its own token in just 1.1 seconds and with as little as 1.5 cents of cost. The token is called Binance Coin (BNB) and is backed by 9,001 Bitcoins (BTC). Predictions forecast Bitcoin value to reach $ 20,000 in two weeks after approaching the $ 13,000 mark.

  • Bitcon & Ethereum Growing Strong – Bankers Scared of Big Tech & More

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    25 June 2019

    Bitcoin leads the crypto market reaching a new high above $ 11,000. Ethereum liquidity increases and crosses the $ 300 barrier. Excessive demand for Bitcoin mining equipment.

  • Daily Cryptos Espresso – Bitcoin Volume hits $ 1.5 B – Banks Against Facebook & More

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    24 June 2019

    Bitcoin volume reaching $ 1.5 billion with huge momentum. The Bank for International Settlements sounds the alarm on Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra.

  • Bitcoin Still Headed for Major Rally According to Some Experts & More

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    23 June 2019

    Bitcoin adjusts to under $ 10,700 but optimistic predictions remain strong. Compared to the rally in 2017, which led to nearly $20 K and then to the big crash, fundamental indicators are much stronger. Most investment is performed by institutional investors rather than un-informed individuals. The hashrate has reached an all time high, giving us incredible security. Transactions are relatively cheap and numerous.

  • Bitcoin Stable Above $10K – Experts Forecast Massive Rally & More

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    22 June 2019

    Bitcoin (BTC) now appears stable above the psychological level of $ 10,000 and projected to higher heights. Pundits already see major bull trends, while Altcoins have trouble in keeping pace.

  • Bitcoin Pierces the $ 10,000 Level – Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Going Strong & More

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    21 June 2019

    Bitcoin (BCT) blasts through the $ 10,000 psychological level and now ready for further growth. Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum also going strong. Global uncertainty is favoring crypto investing. 19% of people in the world know what cryptocurrencies are and use them.

  • Bitcoin Still Headed Toward $ 10k – Scams Are in the Air & More

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    20 June 2019

    Several experts claim we are at a beginning of a major growth season for Bitcoin, while some predict August could be a slow month. Global crypto market cap nears $ 300 billion. Coinbase introduces real time price alerts on its app and Messari news and research firm partners with Blockfolio to provide insight for traders.

  • Bitcoin Targeting $ 10,000 – Facebook's Libra Opposed & More

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    19 June 2019

    Bitcoin stays strong with institutional investors supporting it more and more. Tom Lee, research chief of Fundstrat Global Advisors, believes it could go as high as $ 10,000. In the meantime, Altcoins are sliding, and Ethereum is still down 83%. The announcement of Facebook’s new cryptocurrency, Libra, triggers skepticism and antagonism by lawmakers in Europe and the US.