DAILY CRYPTOS ESPRESSO – news from 03 Aug 2019

Walmart is patenting technology that will allow its customers to purchase products in stores using crypto. It will also likely provide loyalty programs for repeat purchasers.

Starbucks is also planning to accept crypto payments through the Bakkt platform in which it owns substantial equity.

Bitcoin is again on the rise thanks to US tariffs on China and cuts to US national interest rates.

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  • Walmart Files New Blockchain Rewards Program Patent

    Live Bitcoin News    
    03 August 2019

    Walmart is going to patent a new way to use cryptocurrencies for purchasing goods and services. Differently, from Facebook’s Libra, Walmart will not issue its cryptocurrency. The company will instead make it much easier for its customers to use crypto for purchases. Crypto-customers will also probably join a loyalty rewards program with additional perks for repeated purchases. Walmart is already using a blockchain-like ledger to track produce and other items along its supply chain.

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  • Ex-Central Banker Praises Crypto, Says Bitcoin Is ‘Spectacular’

    The Daily Hodl    
    03 August 2019

    Gustavo Franco is the former governor of the Brazilian Central Bank and a strong Bitcoin supporter. Citing his words: “Bitcoin is the most spectacular case of cryptocurrency because if it were a business, it would be worth $175 billion (which is the value of all outstanding Bitcoins). Only it has no shares, no shareholders or governance. Taken together, all the other (100 largest) cryptocurrencies are worth just under $100 billion, with 14 of them worth over $1 billion.” Franco also believes that if Libra were successful, others would follow Facebook’s example. Starbucks, for example, already holds significant equity in Bakkt, a crypto payment and storage platform that will also be used to pay for coffee with crypto. 

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