Daily Cryptos Espresso – 27 Jun 2019

Binance runs a survey on its top traders, showing a consensus on Bitcoin holding over 60% of the market also in 2020. Most investors have long term hold strategies. Mixed predictions for Bitcoin short term values. Consensus on the fact that it is here to stay.

Cryptocurrencies & Markets

  • Bitcoin Dominance Could Reach 80% By 2020: Binance Report

    27 June 2019

    Bitcoin now has 62.9% of the total cryptocurrency market cap. Research by crypto exchange Binance shows that institutional clients believe this dominance position will continue to be between 60% and 80% in 2020. The survey also shows that 56% of its top investors hold their position for over a week, while 22% perform high-frequency trading (HFT) and hold for less than an hour. 

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