Daily Cryptos Espresso – 01 Jul 2019

Bitcoin just crashed below $ 11,000 while it is preparing for a -40% correction. Analysts still optimistic in future trends and Zimbabwe users are already willing to pay up to $ 75,000 in order to go around a full government ban on foreign currencies. Litecoin is shining in investment returns and adoption. Considered a fair risk for investors. Goldman Sachs predicts global payments will be tokenized.

Cryptocurrencies & Markets

  • Bitcoin Price Hits $75,000 on Zimbabwe LocalBitcoins

    01 July 2019

    A full government ban on foreign currency in Zimbabwe triggers a massive premium for Bitcoin, which currently sells for up to $75,000.  

  • Weiss Ratings: Litecoin ‘Excellent’ in Adoption and Investment Returns

    01 July 2019

    Weiss Ratings ranks Litecoin (LTC) as "excellent" in regards to investment and adoption. The agency also ranked the investment risk factor as "fair," resulting in the B- rate in the risk to reward ratio. Litecoin, a cheaper alternative to Bitcoin (BTC), started at $4.30 and it has reached its highest point of $141.6 in late June of 2019. 

  • Basic Attention Token and BitTorrent Rise on Good News

    Crypto News    
    01 July 2019

    Basic attention token (BAT) and BitTorrent token (BTT) stand out in price growth: + 5% & + 9% respectively in the past 24 hours.

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