Where we come from and where we want to go

Innovation runs deep into our Italian blood and we all came to America ten years to be an active part of the most important transformation in our lifetime. Cryptocurrencies are sparking a deep social and technological evolution that could bring about a new Renaissance. Worthwhile projects and capable individuals will have a chance to thrive. By providing an alternative to the current limiting and arbitrary financial infrastructures, all aspects of economy can be improved, including the existing ones. It is already happening at a breathtaking speed and we want to provide a fast, precise and selected information that will help you navigate into this new extensive world of evolving values.

Our staff combines two very different generations which together have seen it all: from the early adoption of the personal computer, to the birth of the commercial Internet and the explosion of smartphones. We have cumulatively 40 years of specialized media experience, ranging from the printed paper to web publishing, multimedia and social media. We understand the need for timely and relevant data which have been evaluated against market conditions and sociopolitical climates.

We strongly believe that you need multiple and competing sources of information. The subject is so controversial and so rapidly changing that nobody can keep up by being an expert in every aspect of it. Therefore we select the best sources for you and we bring together the best experts so that you can find all you need into one single point of aggregation.

We also understand that voice is going to replace text in the future of search and content consumption, therefore we have a strategical commitment to platforms such as Amazon Echo and Google Home where we provide concise, rich, impartial and constantly updated flash news, market values and crypto tips.

We have always been at the forefront of major changes but it has never been as exciting as today. Yet it is a Wild West where criminal and misinformed sources will try their best to lure you into disaster or plain and simple rob you of your cryptomoney. We will therefore be with you all along the way, watching your "crypto" back with integrity and alertness.

What we do

We search and consult multiple world wide sources every 15 minutes and collect all the relevant information that can guide you through the constant changes in the cryptocurrency universe. We index and summarize the data using machine learning software and transform them into compact and easy to absorb nuggets that anybody can use to keep up to date using the form that is more convenient for them: text or voice.