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  • Spencer Dinwiddie To Tokenize His NBA Contract. A Perfect Application For Smart Contracts & More

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    19 September 2019

    NBA champion Spencer Dinwiddie plans to convert his $34 million contract into digital tokens. He will receive a lump sum payment while investors will be able to invest in the contract by purchasing the digital asset. This trend will probably be followed by other athletes and opens the door to better financial management for them. Statistics show that 60% of NBA players end in financial distress within five years of leaving the league. And 78% of NFL players go broke two years after their final contract has expired. By building a tokenization strategy based on a Smart Contract, athletes could get periodic payments of their money which could last for many years after their career is over.

  • Step Back For Bitcoin And Institutional Investors. Yet Likely To Increase In Value With New Quantitative Easing By The Fed. 

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    18 September 2019

    Solid X and VanEck have withdrawn a proposal for a Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). The SEC was expected to decide on the matter by October 18. The effort of creating a Bitcoin ETF has been going on since 2013. An approved exchange of this sort would provide a convenient environment to invest in Bitcoin for institutional players. At the same, the projected $75 Billion liquidity pump announced by the Fed is likely to boost Bitcoin’s value.

  • Wells Fargo Launching Digitized Cash. Ethereum Recovering Value. Bitcoin Unusually Stable & More

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    17 September 2019

    Wells Fargo joins the bandwagon of banks issuing their digital cash. Other recent examples have been UBS and JP Morgan. Bitcoin’s value has been fairly stable recently to the point that traders are getting “bored”, but this is a good sign for long term investors which increasingly trust the major cryptocurrency. Ethereum is recovering in value, although it is still well below the level of a few weeks ago. It is definitely attracting more attention from day traders.

  • XRP Fork Attempt Will Likely Fail. Ripple-backed Startup To Give Away $ 100 M To Content Creators & More

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    16 September 2019

    A forking of XRP, the third cryptocurrency by market capitalization, would likely struggle to gain traction. An influencer is trying to mobilize his 102,000 followers into splitting from the primary asset because of disagreements with Ripple’s management. Ripple is the company now managing XRP and which is promoting its presence on exchanges and banks. Even if a fork were technically possible, it would be challenging to administer it and get it accepted by exchanges and institutions. In the meantime, Ripple is offering $ 100,000,000 through one of its connected startups to content creators that can help involve XRP in Web monetization projects.

  • Bitcoin Is The Most Extraordinary Bubble. Central Banks Meet With Libra Founders In Switzerland & More

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    15 September 2019

    Bitcoin bubble formula is unique: every new growth cycle has a much broader expansion than the previous one. The percentage change in value keeps multiplying from one cycle to the next. People are tired of predictions and hearing that Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies are going to increase in value. Day to day speculation is becoming less popular, but historical trends are quite positive. People investing in Bitcoin long term have a much better chance of getting positive results. In the meantime, the Libra Consortium is trying to establish a safe environment in Europe, by meeting with officials from the European Central Bank and of other 25 global central banks.

  • Significant Development Boost For Bitcoin. Chainlink A Massive Pump And Dump & More

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    14 September 2019

    Square Crypto, the cryptocurrency division of the mobile payment company Square, has created a grant to promote Bitcoin. The BTCPay Foundation got $ 100,000. It will use them to develop open-source software which will improve the security, scalability, and fungibility of Bitcoin. The objective is to transform Bitcoin into an everyday currency. Chainlink plummeted after ascending very quickly in the previous months. Analytics company finds signs of a pump and dump scheme. The usefulness of the service itself is in question.

  • Bitcoin Hashrate 8 Times Since $ 20k Peak. Buterin Supports Activist Crypto. XRP Fork Discussions & More

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    13 September 2019

    Bitcoin hashrate keeps climbing thanks to higher efficiency mining equipment and lower electricity costs. It measures the computing power required to validate blocks and secure the network. The current value is 98 exahash, which means billions of billions of mathematical computations. All miners are competing to secure as many Bitcoins as possible before the halving in mid-2020. By then, the reward for mining one block will be halved, and miners appear confident the value of Bitcoin will increase before we get there. Some miners claim they have already sold enough Bitcoins to pay for operations up to that date. Now they are just competing with one another. Buterin supports a new cryptocurrency called Sparkle created by social activist Micah White, one of the co-founders of Occupy Wall Street. It is claimed to be the first redistributive currency, and it tackles the same problem that Occupy Wall Street tried to solve by using Ethereum. When someone rich spends Sparkle, the poor receive their share. After warning Ripple to stop selling XRP and dumping its value, the crypto influencer Crypto Bitlord is starting a forking project for XRP.

  • Ethereum Classic Hard Fork Successful But Little Gain. Mixed Signals For Bitcoins And Altcoins. Binance Coin Tumbles & More

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    12 September 2019

    Ethereum Classic managed to execute its Atlantis hard fork within the scheduled time. The value gains very little despite the expectations. The Ethereum network is flooded with low-value transactions that clog it. Bitcoin’s value is hovering around $ 10 K with limited volatility. Litecoin hashrate has dropped 40% following a reduction in block rewards. The halvening happened on August 5th produced an inverse price action, surprising most investors. The Binance Coin (BNB) is one of the most obvious losers in the last ninety days.

  • Bitcoin More Stable. Ethereum Network Clogged By Tether. Libra Flunked By Swiss Authorities & More

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    11 September 2019

    Bitcoin loses volatility while mining difficulty metric is through the roof. International trading impacted by the new Financial Action Task Force guidelines. Tether clogs the Ethereum network with 100,000 transactions in 7 hours, forcing other transactions to remain stuck for hours or even days.  Users are calling for block size and gas fee increases.  Facebook applies for payments license in Switzerland, but Libra doesn’t cut it. The controversial stablecoin will have to meet additional requirements.

  • Microsoft Announces hubii Ethereum Scaling Solution For Azure & More

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    10 September 2019

    Sudden resurgence of activity on the Ethereum front. Microsoft announces it will use hubii scaling solution for its Azure platform. At the same time, official Ethereum developers announce that the development of version 2.0 is moving faster. Interoperability is proven between clients written in different programming languages. Finally, the cryptocurrency exchange OKEx has announced support for the coming Atlantis hard fork of Ethereum Classic. Its will ensure compatibility with Ethereum and improve functionality and stability.

  • How to spot and avoid exit scams. How to really evaluate ICOs and IEOs.

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    09 September 2019

    We have already mentioned the fact that people’s trust in crypto companies investments has markedly declined. Unfortunately, the ICO scam era of 2017 has left many victims. And some of the shady practices are still continuing today in IEOs. The phenomenon is so great that it has been even publicly mocked in a web site offering a totally useless Ethereum token and making money in the process. So we offer some basic and simple advice on how to avoid bad choices and invest only in those projects and companies which have a bona fide purpose and a workable team.

  • Ripple to "Massively Disappoint" Investors by Meddling in XPR & More

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    08 September 2019

    XRP investors grow more concerned about the excessive control exercised by Ripple. One petition with 3,500 signatures urges the company to stop selling its tokens.  A “Stop Ripple Dumping” campaign has gone viral on Twitter. David Schwartz, Ripple chief technology officer, replies telling that investors will be massively disappointed if they believe the company will pull back. Ripple owns 60% of the total supply of XRP, and every month it sells a sizeable portion of them, preventing the price from rising. Private investors are getting incensed.

  • The Sharp Decline of Initial Exchange Offerings Marks Distrust in Crypto Tokens

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    07 September 2019

    Initial Exchange Offerings were expected to replace Initial Coin Offerings by providing a more reliable platform for investors. ICO offerings have been the rage of the crypto market in 2017 and some of 2018. Investor abandoned them because they were full of fraud and worthless projects. IEOs were supposed to breathe new life into the private crypto investment market in 2019. But, after a quick start, they have fizzled in the second quarter. The three main problems appear to be: many investors don’t believe anymore in the value of projects based on utility tokens. They have already lost plenty of money on the ICO wave of 2017-18 and are still losing. Regulatory uncertainty enters very high liabilities in the field. No reliable data are available on the actual amount of money invested in IEOs.

  • Ethereum Fork Delayed. ETH Seriously Under-performing. Binance Coin Climbing & More

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    06 September 2019

    More bad news for the Ethereum platform: the long waited Istanbul hard fork has been postponed to early October. Fred Wilson, who once predicted ETH would have surpassed Bitcoin’s overall value, is now skeptic of its future. Binance Coin – BNB – is climbing fast and driving the Altcoin arena.

  • Ethereum at Crossroad Losing Support. Potential Bitcoin Shakeout Before Rally & More

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    05 September 2019

    Troublesome political times translate in further instability for Bitcoin, which is still dominating the crypto markets. Some analyst predicts a decrease in value before a new marked increase. But Bitcoin is generally holding its position. Altcoins are suffering, and Ethereum is approaching a critical level and losing the support of more venture capitalists. Competitors are scrambling to offer alternatives to the Ethereum platform. It is technically flawed and doesn’t seem to have a clear plan for solving its major scalability problems.